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We will upgrade your free canva account to Canva PRO in a 1 min. Our service is the fastest, the cheapest and the safest. 

All you need is to send us your email address ( no password or any access is required).

Get unlimited access to an extended library of premium images, audio tracks, videos, elements.

Canva Pro offers several advantages over the free version, providing users with enhanced features and capabilities for a more professional and efficient design experience. Here are some of the key advantages of Canva Pro:

  1. Access to Premium Content: Canva Pro subscribers have access to a vast library of premium templates, images, illustrations, icons, and other design elements that are not available in the free version. This allows for a wider range of creative possibilities.
  2. Brand Kit: Canva Pro allows users to create and save a Brand Kit, which includes custom colors, fonts, and logos. This feature helps maintain a consistent brand identity across all designs.
  3. Resizable Designs: Canva Pro users can create designs in custom dimensions and easily resize them for various purposes without losing quality. This is particularly useful for adapting designs to different social media platforms or print materials.
  4. Background Remover: Canva Pro includes a background remover tool, allowing users to easily remove backgrounds from photos and create more polished and professional-looking designs.
  5. Unlimited Storage: Canva Pro users enjoy unlimited storage for their designs, enabling them to save and organize a large number of projects without worrying about running out of space.
  6. Custom Fonts: Canva Pro provides access to a wide range of custom fonts, allowing users to choose from a diverse selection of typefaces to enhance the visual appeal of their designs.
  7. Priority Support: Canva Pro subscribers receive priority support, ensuring faster assistance and response times from the Canva support team.

These advantages make Canva Pro a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to elevate their design capabilities and create more polished and professional-looking content.

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