In this article, I am going to mention my top 5 free music player softwares which I consider with many others the Best Free Music Player Software For Windows. Basically, all of these software are working on almost all windows version from Windows XP to the newest one which is Windows 10.


MusicBee is a full music manager , it is an advanced music player with many other options. You can listen to your favorite music and categorize them, listen to thousands of online radios and Podcasts and organize your Audiobooks. It has also a SERVICES section where you can do an online music explore or a soundcloud search and see the upcoming releases and concerts.As many other music players, MusicBee can burn Cds and convert audio to other formats like MP3, OGG…etc… Another thing to mention, MusicBee can display automatically the cover of the song when you are connected to internet and add the lyrics if it is available online. When it came to design, MusicBee is looking beautiful for sure.

To download it click HERE


Pretty much the same as MusicBee and they are very similar with a less options and better design.

Download it from HERE


This one is very special to me because it was a life saver back in 2002 when I had a very slow pc with a 256mb of ram and using Windows XP. The problem was I wasn’t able to listen to music when I opened something else, so a friend of mine told me about it and I was ver happy to use it. Foobar2000 has a very simple user interface with basic options so it can be used by anyone easily.

Download it from HERE


The lama’s ass whiper, one of the famest audio player and audio online streaming tools in the market. I did use it since 2001 and I am still using it. The program is still popular and professional with excellent support for many audio file formats and a very good integration with Internet resources.Winamp has also many music organizing features.

Download it from HERE


AIMP is a free small russian audio player software which not only work as music player but also can record what you hear specially when you listen to a  shoutcast or icecast internet radio. What I like about this music player is the notification which make you able to display the title of the song directly on the desktop also the modern design which is showing that AIMP is all about music. I really recommend this audio players for all specially beginners

Download it from HERE

Do you use one them ? if not  which one do you want to try and which one do you want use?

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