Hi, all corsair k70 rapidefire mk2 rgb owners and users .

Fix for Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) for K70 rapidefire MK2 Keyboard Non-Detection Issues

Came across this annoying issue preventing my K70 MK2 RapidFire RGB from being detected by Corsair Effects Engine  aka CEE  . Endless Google searches  suggest MKIIs were not supported.  After more  investigation later turned out to be a relatively simple PID mismatch issue resulted in keyboard not being detected. So far, it seems to have worked well for me and have not encountered any terrible bugs yet.

Fix for Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) for K70 rapidefire MK2 Keyboard Non-Detection Issues

To find your own PID device (See graphs below)

  • Go to “Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers
  • Right click your keyboard then properties.
  • Click Hardware Tab.
  • Select HID Keyboard Device
  • Click on Properties
  • Go to Details Tab.
  • Select Hardware IDs.
  • Find the number that shows after PID_: my keyboard is 1B49.Now Download Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) from this link but be sure to choose the Zip File not the executable file  because it is easier to find Devices.xml file 

Find “Devices.xml”  then open it with notpad ++ (better solution since it is organized and free) / you can use your standard notepad but it is not clear and organized like notepad++

  • Scroll through and find the device most similar to yours. I suspect more of them should work fine once PID updated. For me, I suspect most K70 devices are MK1 instead of MK2 so I chose “K70 RAPIDFIRE RGB”
  • Update the PID key values between <PID></PID> for your device. For me, it WAS “0x1B38” and I changed it to “0x1B49” found above and it now works.\ 
  • Close iCue
  • Open CEE and you will be able to choose your keyboard and add the famous spectrograph  profile
  • be sure to add your audio device output and input if CEE didn’t add them automatically already 🙂
  • After adding Spectrograph open iCue
  1. now open spotify or any music player (or even video in the internet …etc basically any sound coming from your output device  :p ) and enjoy the music visualizer effect on your keyboard

Please use this method with strafe mk2 which is not detectable I think and tell us if it is working <3

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